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Java is an object-oriented programming language that produces software for multiple platforms.

It is one of the most used and influential languages in the world and having modern skills in Java development is a highly sought after in the technology world.

Also it is a proven wide-spread technology that is here to stay.


Most applications (software that people interact with as opposed to system software - that interacts with other systems or application software) nowadays live on the web or use web technologies to deliver user experiences on other platforms - e.g. React Native, Electron, etc.

Having skills with front-end web development is one of the most fundamental skills for an applications developer.


Software systems are becoming more decentralized, distributed and complex. On the other hand delivery of software to production systems is becoming a daily routine for large companies seeking digital agility for their operations. Software delivery, infrastructure provisioning, testing, monitoring of applications and infrastructure has become automated and the ones in charge of the automation and the whole flow are DevOps engineers. They are indispensable for a modern software development team.


One of the fastest developing open-source multi-platform technology communities with huge impacts in cloud engineering, backend, front-end,  mobile and native OS apps development. The .Net platform and specifically the C# language are evolving with a fast pace, engineered from the ground-up with ease of use by developers and supportability in mind.


Most interactions between humans and machines nowadays are done on mobile devices, either through web interfaces on mobile apps. There is a whole generation of users in developing markets that have skipped using a desktop computer and have as their first device a mobile phone or a tablet.

Native apps on mobile devices are at the core of innovation in today's digital world, enabling entire new economies.


Golang shines amongst the latest technologies to make a mark in the digital world with its simplicity, flexibility and most of all eficiancy of computing. Many companies choose Golang for the ease of development of microservices and the efficient use of cloud resources slashing the budgets needed for massive cloud computing resources dramatically. Favourite of software engineers it is usually chosen for developing new massive cloud native systems.



Оne of the most desired skills in the IT industry are the DevOps knowledge and expertise. The DevOps position doesn't stand simply for development operations. It refers to the processes required to bring new software and applications to market or new IT systems up and running within an organization. In these 90 days of intense training, you will practice:



If you already have a fundamental understanding of programming, this technical program of Scalefocus Academy is the perfect place for you to grow. In 90 days, you will polish your skills while working on real Java-based projects in a sandbox environment. Through the duration of technical program Java, you will practice:



JavaScript has become the most popular programming language worldwide. If you already understand programming fundamentals, this technical program of Scalefocus Academy will help you delve deep into JavaScript. With the rise of popularity of JavaScript, libraries were created to help mainstream the development of highly scalable component-based applications. The library that this iteration of the academy will focus on is ReactJS. ReactJS is one of the most popular libraries for building highly scalable web applications with an emphasis on highly efficient DOM manipulations and easy to maintain declarative views. ReactJS offers graceful solutions to some of Front-end programming’s most persistent issues, allowing you to build dynamic and interactive web apps with ease. It’s fast, scalable, flexible, powerful, and has a robust developer community that’s rapidly growing. There’s never been a better time to learn React. In 90 intensive days, you will polish your skills while working on real JavaScript-based projects in a sandbox environment. Through the duration of Technical Program JavaScript, you will practice:



Golang, or shortly Go, is one of the trendiest and fastest-growing new languages, making it one of the fastest-growing tech communities. Go is mainly used for the development of backend applications, and any other experience in the field is a plus. Basic knowledge of computer networks and operating systems are also a good ally in entering the profession. Pro tip if you’d like a flying start to your IT career, you need Go in your skillset. Once you’ve successfully finished the Golang track of Scalefocus Academy, you will have the chance to join the Scalefocus team and work from anywhere on real projects for international customers – from large Fortune 500 enterprises to innovative, disruptive startups.



A true open source, multi-platform development framework built by a community, led by Microsoft from the ground up with performance and ease of development in mind. .Net is on the leading edge in terms of language features and new tech. If you are interested in using sofme of the fastest evolving technologies for backend, front-end, mobile and embeded development you will master the following:



You have a passion for object-oriented programming, but you lack skill? This technical track at Scalefocus Academy is exactly what you need to become a mobile software developer. During the 90 days of intense training, you will practice:

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