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How It Works


When does the next iteration of SFA start?

Stay tuned for our upcoming tracks. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels to stay informed about our future courses.

I have applied for SFA but I did not receive a confirmation email? Am I listed for the exam?

In case you can’t find the confirmation email in your primary mailbox, please check the other folders such as “promotions”, “spam”, etc. Sometimes email providers have very strict filters and omit messages sent from our system. If you still can’t find the confirmation email, you can require the results again by selecting the option "Get an online test assessment" on our Student Services page or simply contact us at

Can I change the tech track I have chosen during the registration process?

Technical programs signify only your technology preference and will be reviewed again before starting the Scalefocus Academy.

I applied to SFA but I did not get in. Can I try again for the next iteration?

Absolutely! You can always apply for the upcoming iterations. Our advice is to improve your knowledge and skills. Keep on learning and coding.

I applied and received a confirmation email with an exam link, but could not take the exam in the same week. How long is the link active?

The exam link should be active until 22nd of February. If it is no longer working, please apply again and you will receive a new active link.

or contact us at


I accidentally closed the test during the online entrance exam. What should I do next?

Reopen the exam from the provided link. If this doesn't resolve your issue, contact our team immediately and we will help you out.

I could not complete the exam due to technical reasons. Can I try again?

Yes. Please write to us about the case at and open up your exam again from the link provided at a time convenient for you. Our system will show that you have taken the exam twice, but we will make an exception in your case.

Can I take the exam twice?

Technically - yes. The link that you receive at registration will be active for at least a month but we will order you after people that have taken the exam only once when we select applicants for the next academy.

How long does the online exam take?

Depends on the speed with which you go through the questions but on average most applicants complete it in about 90 minutes.

The exam includes 100 questions on various software engineering theoretical basics and English language proficiency.

What topics does the online exam cover?

The exam consists of 100 questions and is designed to test your theoretical basics on topics such as logical thinking, general programming skills, algorithms, data structures, OOP, SOLID principles, relational databases, mathematical thinking, basics of web development, clean code, operating systems basics, computer networking fundamentals, DevOps essentials, cryptography basics, quality engineering fundamentals, software development life cycle essentials, agile methodologies basics and English language proficiency.

What score do I need to pass the exam?

There is no set passing score, since it depends on the results of the other candidates that partake in the exam. However, if you achieve more than 50 points and have good scores on algorithms, data structures and English language proficiency you have a good chance of advancing your application further.


Is the Academy online? Can I participate from home?

Yes! Scalefocus Academy is fully remote, including assessment, interviews, tests, mentorship and education processes. The training process has been specifically adapted to help you and your mentorship team work remotely, without compromising on any learning activity.

Do I need any specific hardware to participate in SFA?

Yes, you will need a computer or a laptop with a working web camera and a microphone. Specifications wise it should have an Intel Core i3 or equivalent CPU and 4GB of RAM. Contact us at for more information if you have any hardware-related questions.

How much time should I commit to my training in SFA?

The tuition at Scalefocus Academy is flexible. All sessions are held in the evening – both lectures and practice labs. Classes take up to 15 hours per week, while practice and working on your homework projects is up to you.

Can I participate if I live outside Bulgaria or North Macedonia or my nationality is different?

You can attend the course wherever you are, you just need a computer and a stable internet connection. Please bear in mind, however that the aim of the course is starting job as a junior development at Scalefocus after graduation, so you need to be in one of the both countries then - Bulgaria or North Macedonia. If your nationality is different than Bulgarian or Macedonian, unfortunately, we won't be able to offer you joining the academy.

I want to apply for an internship

If you study at a university that has an internship program in collaboration with Scalefocus, you are welcome to apply for our open positions! Please, contact us at and we will reply to your inquiry ASAP.

If you graduate Scalefocus Academy successfully, you can also receive an internship experience document for your university.


Will I get a job offer if I graduate successfully?

The best performing graduates will get the opportunity to join Scalefocus shortly after graduation. However, all alumni will have enough practical experience from Scalefocus Academy to succeed in a professional interview at any software engineering company.

What happens if I do not get a job offer at the end of the academy course?

The places in the team you are applying for, regardless of technology, are limited. If you do not get a job offer for that team that does not necessarily mean that you have failed somehow. However, if you have shown enough progress and motivation during the academy course, we will try to find a place for you in some of the other teams we have. If you receive an offer for a position with a technology you have not applied for you are free to turn it down and you will not have to pay for your tuition. In case you do not receive any job offer - you are free to apply to any company you like. You will have the skills necessary to pass an interview for a junior position with a company of your choosing. Scalefocus Academy will help you out with referrals and commendations, should you need them.


What is the tuition fee for SFA?

Scalefocus Academy is completely free for everyone. That is why candidates undergo a strict selection process and we take only the best for the Academy.

What happens if I am successful with my SFA training and I get a job offer, but for some personal reason I am not able to fulfil my commitment and opt out of the offer?

Our mission is to provide quality education free of charge and ensure that each student at Scalefocus Academy is committed and motivated to go through the learning process. At the end of each iteration, the best students receive an official offer to join the Scalefocus team and immediately start their successful IT career at the biggest Bulgarian IT company. If you complete your training and final interview process successfully and receive a job offer but decide not to take it, you will owe Scalefocus a €2500 compensation fee. This sum will cover the training materials, certification, and mentoring and will allow us to continue to provide quality education free of charge. The fee is NOT owed if you decide to leave the Academy at an earlier stage (regardless of the reason) or drop out after any midterm exams.

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