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Meet Ana – your DevOps tutor

Entering the land of DevOps can be quite intimidating and scary, but with a tutor like Ana – you shouldn’t be!

She’s an experienced DevOps engineer and a Technical Trainer with a lot of knowledge to share. We’ll help you get to know her a little better with a quick interview.

Were you always interested in technology? What sparked your interest towards it?

I am a very curious person and electronics repair is something that I always wanted to do. So, everything started from there.

What was your first computer? What did you run on it?

It was a Northwood Celeron with 256mb and a GeForce FX5200. I broke it trying to run World of Warcraft.

How did you decide to pursue a technology-related career?

I wanted a career that is never-ending with learning possibilities and very challenging. DevOps is exactly that.

What was the first programming language that caught your interest?

JavaScript. Everything starts from there. Once you learn the OOP with JS, you can manage your way up.

How did you discover DevOps?

I didn’t, it discovered me by chance when an opening for an internship was up and I went all in.

What is the most memorable solution you have come up with as a DevOps engineer?

I did a complete reverse engineering on a legacy code with Terraform and I managed to propose a refactored code with a new solution which even non-DevOps people will understand. The solution worked on the first run, without the possibility to test it even locally, because of access issues.

What does your usual day look like?

A lot of meetings, planning, organizing, brainstorming, accident intervention late during the day, assistance to developers and PM’s, consultancy. Basically, keeping an eye on every process of one scope you’re working on.

If you could describe DevOps with only three words, what would those be?

Challenging, adventurous & versatile.

What advice would you give to those who choose the DevOps career path?

Challenge yourself, see what possibilities you hold inside. Unlock your mindset and strive for more learning.

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