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Why you should learn Go in 2022

Its first official release was in 2012, making Go a refreshingly new programming language. But why learn Golang and what is it used for?

Golang, or for short Go, is a relatively young programming language – it celebrated its twelfth birthday recently on November 10th.

Who created Go and why?

Go was designed at Google with the aspiration to establish a programming language that would be much simpler to use than the languages used at the time (long, long ago in 2007). Its creators are Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike (co-creator of UTF 8 and UNIX format), and Ken Thompson (designer and creator of UNIX and C). In 2009 it was launched as an open-source programming language.

Go has been gradually gaining popularity in the recent years. It is suitable for people with a previous experience in C, C++ и PHP, as well as for anyone who wants to learn to code more quickly. It's primarily used for backend applications and is among the most productive programming languages. Today, it has one of the most dynamic technology communities in the world.

What are the advantages of Go?

Golang has a lot of advantages, and here are only some of them:

Simplicity of code

As we stated above, simplicity was the main goal when creating Go. The syntax is fairly simple and you can develop applications faster than in other languages. Golang is beginner-friendly and quite suitable for learning as a first programming language.

It’s almost as east as PHP or even Pascal, but also as powerful as C++

Well yes, the syntactic constructions in Go are a little sparse and there isn’t a full-fledged OOP implementation. It’s a functional language that can be used to solve problems of any level of complexity in any business and industry.

Golang is also a great addition for a professional developer, who already knows one or more programming languages. Quite often devs who have mastered Python, PHP or C++ also learn Go and successfully use combinations – Python/Go or PHP/Go.

A large number of libraries

A huge number of libraries and packages at your disposal, which make working with Go more productive.


Golang’s path to data abstraction and object-oriented development is remarkably flexible.

Straightforward build process

Go was created with simplicity in mind, making it quick to master and to start solving issues efficiently. Even if you need to work on someone else’s old project, it wouldn’t take you much time to see what’s what and build up from there.

Why learn Go at Scalefocus Academy?

Our whole course is specially designed to thrive online, even from the very start – application, entry tests, tuition, job interviews. The process will help you and your mentorship team work remotely, without compromising on any learning activity. All students who graduate successfully from the Go course, will have the chance to start their career with Scalefocus – without the need to relocate, thanks to the flexible Work from Everywhere model adopted by the company. They will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects for global enterprises as well as for innovative disruptive start-ups.

Interested? Here are your next steps.
  • Register until December 17

  • Take the technical exam on December 20

  • Take the English exam on December 22

  • Pass the interview in January

  • Start learning in February!

90 days later you will have the opportunity to start your IT career.

Go on, then. Hit the big yellow APPLY button above and take the first steps toward your new adventure.

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